Tuesday, June 9, 2009

VIDEO: Class Salsa Demo

As show day approached, the nerves started to set in.

The reality that people would actually be seeing the choreography we've been (privately) been working so hard on since mid-March.

And so, Christina decided we should perform it in front of people in our Thursday salsa class. The costume wasn't totally finished (some parts of me were pinned in) ... we performed it in completely opposite direction than we'd been rehearsing ... and Charles was in his sweats. And it was exactly what we needed!

And so -- with Christina and the other girls from the international touring team -- we headed to the bathroom to pin me into my costume, glue on the fake eyelashes (with crystals), and get into the attitude of the dance.

The girls gave me the most amazing pep talk. And when you have people who have been doing it for years and know exactly how it feels before performing, you listen to them. And trust them. Thank you SO much, Christina, Nicole, and Erica!

I spent a few minutes in there alone telling myself I rock (it works before doing live TV, too, even if you don't actually believe it at the time!).

And then Christina announced us to the gang and we strutted out. And we rocked it. Damn, it was fun! And our friends were so supportive. It was just the boost we needed to know that we truly are ready for Saturday night's "Stars on Stage".



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