Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting Ready

I was SO excited for the show. More excited about something than I'd felt in a long time. As I drove to Victoria's Dance Connections for hair and makeup, I had Nine Inch Nails cranked LOUD! It was essential to both invigorate me and release tension. Thank you, Mr. Reznor.

Charles met me inside and showed me the finished costume. And it was HOT! Tassles and rhinestones and shine. Wow. He did an excellent job conveying the directions from Christina about how my hair should be in a "Puerto Rican poof" and how the make-up should highlight my eyes, with muted lips. For a dude, I was truly impressed with his instructions! :)

Christina came, too, to make sure it was all falling into place. And I finally learned what JBF hair meant. ;) Both Charles and I were supposed to have that look for the performance ... ahem ... and so began our role-play for the choreography.

I put on the costume and walked out. Needless to say, the comments from the other participants were a boost to my pre-show confidence. Christina did a beautiful job designing and sewing a costume that showed off my assets and covered the areas that I preferred to hide. It looked stunning. And when you're a woman in your 30s with a little extra "love" in certain places, feeling THAT sexy is a special treat.

Charles got into costume and it was full on "salsa prom". He looked smokin'! Rhinestone collar, tie and belt that matched my costume, and super cropped hair. We looked like such a team. Hot.

Salsa shoes? Check.

Rhinestone eyelashes? Check.

JBF hair? Check.

Sexy costumes? Check.

Sassy flirtatious sexy attitude? Check.

Alright then ... let's do this ...!

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  1. You looked amazing, had a kick ass attitude and did an amazing job! You should be extremely proud of yourself - because we are all so proud of you!